Individual Services


Individual Services

Integrity and availability is our trademark. We pride ourselves on being accessible and reactive to our clients’ needs. We build relationships and we CARE about our clients.

Everyone gets overwhelmed in their day-to-day life, and we assist some clients with their personal affairs on an ongoing basis, or in times of need. We want to help our clients in whatever capacity we can.

Our list of Services to Individuals include:

Federal and state income tax form preparationFederal and state income tax form preparation (all states)

Having a professional accountant prepare federal and state income tax forms can give individuals the comfort of knowing that they are staying in compliance with tax laws. Individuals who fail to file forms on time could face severe IRS penalties. In addition, accountants can ensure that deductions are being maximized to the fullest extent of the law. Although individuals are legally permitted to file taxes on their own, understanding the full tax code can be truly overwhelming. For these reasons, individuals need to hire a professional to prepare their federal and state income tax forms. By doing this, individuals are less likely to experience audits, tax disputes, or additional penalties.
Income Tax PlanningIncome Tax Planning

Income taxes are a significant expense that most individuals will have to pay in their lifetime. For this reason, it is important to plan ahead for these costs. In many cases, seasoned accountants can assist individuals with deferring or minimizing income tax burdens. Accountants can ensure that taxes are minimized while following all laws and engaging in responsible behavior. Instead of unnecessarily giving dollars to the government each year, individuals can keep more of what they earn through income tax planning.
Net Investment Income Tax AssessmentNet Investment Income Tax Assessment

Since 2012, some individuals have been subjected to an additional layer of taxation under the Affordable Care Act. This tax subjects so-called "unearned" income to an additional 3.8 percent tax. This tax is assessed in addition to ordinary income and capital gains taxes. However, there are several conditions that can enable shareholders and business owners to minimize their tax liabilities under Net Investment Income Tax rules. By working with an accountant, these tax liabilities can often be reduced or eliminated by restructuring a small business. Professional accountants can also assist with assessing the total costs associated with these taxes.
Personal Financial StatementsPersonal Financial Statements

Individuals with complex personal finances could benefit from personal financial statements. These can help individuals to understand where they are financially at any given time. These financial statements can account for total assets, liabilities, and outstanding tax balances. By understanding this information, individuals can develop a rational plan for moving forward. Individuals who possess a complete understanding of their personal finances can make decisions that result in a more prosperous future. Personal financial statements can also be drafted for individuals who need to demonstrate an ability to pay a third party.
Prior year and late tax filings - assistance with IRS noticesPrior year and late tax filings; assistance with IRS notices (retainer may be required)

Should you find yourself in a non-compliant situation with the IRS or any other taxing authority, our firm can assist you with late filings and manage tax notices that can be difficult to understand.
Nanny-Household Employment TaxesNanny/Household Employment Taxes

Many individuals hire a nanny or personal assistant to help with the daily chores. As with any other employment scenario, these employers are subject to paying employment taxes on these earnings. For this reason, it is important for individuals to work with an accountant to ensure that these taxes are being paid on time. By doing this, individuals can rest assured that they are complying with existing legislation and avoiding potential problems later down the road.
Individual bill pay and day-to-day checkbook and money managementIndividual bill pay and day-to-day checkbook/cash-flow management

Many individuals in today's world are overwhelmed by the volume of bills that need to be paid on time. Individual bill pay services can be an effective way to solve these problems. By hiring a professional to complete these mundane chores, individuals can rest assured that their bills are being paid on time. During this process, the trained eye of an accountant can ensure that assessed fees are valid and that numbers add up correctly. Over time, these services can save individuals significant amounts of money and hassle.

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