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Evans and Associates is your CPA firm of choice.

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CPA Services to Individuals

Services to Businesses

Estates & Trusts


We pride ourselves on being accessible and reactive to our clients’ needs. We build relationships and we CARE about our clients.


Businesses: Whether setting up a new business or looking to preserve and grow an existing business, we will assist owners and management in analyzing areas of your business from a financial standpoint, as well as acting as a sounding board for client ideas and strategies.

Individuals: Everyone gets overwhelmed in their day-to-day life, and we assist some clients with their personal affairs on an ongoing basis, or in times of need. We want to help our clients in whatever capacity we can.

Tax Services

Our firm focuses on proactive tax services to identify key tax planning opportunities. We have found this to be most beneficial with small businesses when we are able to integrate a client’s business tax planning goals with their personal tax planning goals.

Tax services provided include Corporate, Partnership, LLCs/LLPs, Estates/Trusts and Gift, Not for Profit.

Business Entity Selection

We assist in helping you make the crucial decision of entity selection that will best fit your business needs as well as your tax planning decisions.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

We pride ourselves in providing efficient accounting services to our clients in most any facet they require. Our goal is to ease the burden of the business owner so that they can have more time to run their business.

Other services include:

Compilation of financial statements for business and individuals
Bookkeeping and General Ledger processing
Accounts receivable processing
Accounts payable processing
Full service payroll services
After the fact payroll report preparations
Sales/Use Tax
Business Property Tax