Business Services


Business Services

We pride ourselves on being accessible and reactive to our clients’ needs. We build relationships and we CARE about our clients.  Integrity and availability is our trademark.  Our list of CPA business services is extensive, meeting the needs of a variety of business and non-profit firms.

Whether setting up a new business or looking to preserve and grow an existing business, we will assist owners and management in analyzing areas of your business from a financial standpoint, as well as acting as a sounding board for client ideas and strategies.

Our list of Services to Businesses include:

Corporate, Partnership, Sole Proprietorships, LLCs, Limited Liabilities Tax Form Preparation (including states)

As with individuals, businesses must file, and in some instances, pay various taxes on a regular basis. However, this can get very complicated due to the ever-changing tax codes. There can also be difficulties associated with jurisdictional issues. Businesses should work with a tax professional to ensure that tax returns are filed properly. By doing this, business owners can avoid potential tax and reporting disputes and focus on what they do best.
income tax planningIncome Tax Planning

It is very important for businesses to plan ahead for income taxes. Certain enterprises may be subject to multiple layers of taxation due to mulit-state business activities. Some business owners may also need to worry about paying both corporate and personal taxes. A tax preparer can evaluate its business situation and develop long-term plans to minimize income tax liability.
business entity selectionBusiness Entity Selection

Upon starting a new business, one of the most important decisions that will need to be made is the type of entity that the business will be. Businesses can be formed as a partnership, sole proprietorship, LLC, and more. Businesses also need to decide if they want to incorporate. Finally, it will also be important to decide in which jurisdiction a business should be registered. This can create several layers of complication that can have severe implications later down the road. For some businesses, it may be favorable to officially operate in a jurisdiction that has certain laws. By working with a professional, businesses can rest assured that they are picking the right type of entity for their needs.

One feature of the write-up process is the bank account reconciliation which can assist the owner in remaining alert to potential errors or possible fraud. Reports prepared using transactions generated from daily business operations can be an invaluable tool in the owners' decision-making process. Additional services such as accounts receivable and accounts payable processing are also available.
PayrollPayroll Reporting and Payroll Processing

Doing payroll correctly is critical for businesses to stay compliant and minimize time spend on this routine activity. Professionals can efficiently prepare payroll for businesses large or small and at the desired frequency with the option for direct deposit. Payments to independent contractors along with required year-end reporting can also be generated. If a business or individual already has a payroll system in place, our firm can use your information to prepare and file required payroll reports and W-2s.
sales and use taxSales/Use Tax

Like franchise taxes, sales taxes can be very complicated due to jurisdictional issues. Businesses may be subject to sales taxation depending on where the product was sold, where it was produced, and other layers of complexity. Instead of trying to figure out this complexity in-house, it is generally easier for businesses to rely on the assistance of a professional. This will ensure that the payment of these taxes can be streamlined with minimal expense. Most importantly, these taxes can be paid properly to prevent tax disputes.
Budgets and Projections

Managerial accounting activities are important to enable businesses to keep track of their performance. Budgets can prevent businesses from overspending and potentially experiencing bankruptcy. Projections can help businesses to forecast potential demand or cash flow shortages. By using historical data, professional accountants can assist businesses predict challenges before they happen.
business consultingBusiness Consulting

Business consulting is another important service that businesses need. This can provide expertise for certain projects or fill short-term hiring gaps. In today's world, consultants are a key part of the modern economy. Businesses are utilizing these services to help them implement more innovative strategies and leverage the expertise of experienced tax professionals. This can have a wide variety of benefits that fit the unique needs that businesses have. Business consulting can range from completing administrative tasks to providing advice on certain tax strategies. Businesses that take advantage of these services can expect to achieve better performance and stay compliant with prevailing laws.
financial statement compilations and reviewsFinancial Statement Compilations & Reviews

Regular preparation and analysis of financial statements is critical for certain enterprises. In addition, depending on the type of entity that a business operates as, it may be necessary to regularly file financial statements to certain government agencies. It may also be necessary for certain private businesses to send financial statements to third parties. The services of a tax preparer can ensure accurate reporting.
personal property tax formsBusiness Personal Property Tax Forms

Personal property taxes can be a big liability for certain businesses. It is not uncommon to see businesses paying too much tax. By leveraging the assistance of a tax professional, property tax liability demands can be satisfied with minimal hassle.
privilege and franchise formsPrivilege and Franchise Forms for all states

In United States law, state franchise taxes can create a range of compliance difficulties for businesses. With 50 states, it can be overwhelming for businesses to attempt to rectify all of these accounts. By leveraging the assistance of a professional tax preparer, businesses can comply with these tax liabilities without having to worry about legal challenges.
retirement plan selectionsRetirement Plan Selections

Retirement is an important concern for all individuals in today's world. However, retirement can be especially difficult for individuals who own a business. Our firm can assist a business with choosing a retirement plan (e.g. 401-k, SIMPLE IRA, SEP, etc.) that can most benefit the business owner by helping save for the future while getting a tax deduction.
succession planningSuccession Planning

Business owners more often than not will find it necessary to develop a succession plan that ensures a smooth transition into the next business generation and help to achieve the desired goals of the owner.

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