Estates and Trusts


Estates and Trusts

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Our list of Estate and Trust services include:

estate tax planningEstate Tax Planning

Not to be confused with estate planning, estate tax planning involves planning for the tax liability against the value of an estate and is critical for maintaining property ownership after death. It is important for individuals with substantial estates to work with an accountant experienced in estate tax planning.
estate succession planningSuccession Planning

Individuals who own significant assets may also need to plan for their succession. Business owners may find it necessary to develop a succession plan that ensures a smooth transition into the next generation and help to achieve the desired goals of the owner.
estate income taxesFederal and State Income Taxes for Estates and Trusts (all states)

After paying income taxes for a lifetime, individuals may be subject to another layer of taxation upon death. Federal, state, and local estate taxes can all apply to individuals who pass away. For this reason, it is important to plan ahead with the assistance of a competent accountant. Additionally, some estates and trusts are required to file income tax returns annually until assets are distributed. Without proper planning, these entities may experience very high tax rates on very low income. Utilizing a tax professional can assist with minimizing the tax burden for these entities.

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